Sollent is a reliable supplier dedicated to developing comprehensive storage organization solutions. Our mission is to help our customers succeed in business by providing them with a successful product. In today's increasingly competitive market, the essence of business is a quest for successful products. With passion and patience in creating innovative products, we help our customers shorten the arduous path to success, and lead them to profitability.

Our Mission
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We have worked with hundreds of customers over the past two decades to provide better solutions and help them stand out in the competitive marketplace. We are meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations in America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and many other locations.


While we strive to create affordable but high-quality products that are highly profitable for our customers, we also place a premium on the end user experience. Our product development team creates products with the goal that truly meets the needs of end users from their experience.

Competitive Products

Our products stand out in the market with their highly innovative designs while providing the best solutions for users, thanks to our professional market research team and outstanding design. Our strong supply chain management capability also enables us to reduce the cost of our products, giving us a reasonable price advantage.

Competitive Products
Differentiated Products

Differentiated Product Solutions

Our product team always focus on innovation to help our customers achieve differentiated product design, technical features and brand image. More importantly, we welcome our customers to work with us and refine the final product solutions.

Passion for Innovation

We're industrial pioneers who welcome challenges. We are enthusiastic about innovation, love to take risks, and never give up until we get done. We are not constrained by what is currently possible. At Sollent, there's always something waiting for us.

Passion for Innovation
Expressing Emotions Through Products

Expressing Emotions Through Products

A good product not only meets the needs of the user but also allows for emotional communication between the product and the user, bridging the emotional gap between the product and the user. In the process of developing products, our design and development team and product team start from the details of structures, colors, and materials, led by the user-oriented philosophy. With the ability to deeply understand and care for users, we can provide customers with a pleasant unboxing and using experience.



The parent company of Sollent is LUMI LEGEND GROUP, which was established in 2005 in the Consumer Electronics Audio/Video Mounting industry, the LUMI Legend Group has matured into a multi-faceted organization involved in Research & Development, Supply Chain Management and Creative Marketing of products within the Ergo, Home and Professional Integration markets.

Are you looking for an organizational product or a customized solution, or do you want to implement a new idea for a product you sell?