Document holder for monitor

Monitor document holder is designed for healthy reading position, so you can enjoy your time in front of the screen without straining your neck or back. Make reading documents at eye level a breeze with our ergonomic monitor document holder. Simply attach the clip to the top of your monitor, and you can read documents at eye level. When you need to read documents at eye level, but your monitor doesn't have a built-in document holder and you don't like the idea of using a stand, our monitor document clip is the perfect solution. The home office organization market is on the rise, don't miss this opportunity!

Desk document holder stand

A plastic document holder with a rubber strip on top where the paper sits. It does not slide or make noise. The only thing you'll hear is the sound of your paper being slid into place. It's perfect for keeping your desk neat and organized in the office, at home, in school, or anywhere else you need some extra space for paperwork. This durable little guy is built to last through years of use. It's perfect for holding notes, receipts, recipes, shopping lists and more!

Organize your office desk and save time with the desktop document holder! A desk document holder stand will make it easy to organize your office desk. It's designed to keep your papers neat and tidy and make sure you don't lose track of any important documents. Plus, it's made of durable plastic that won't break when dropped or knocked over. It's simple to use: just place the top cover on your document holder, then place your papers inside. That's all there is to it!