Cable Sleeve with Zipper
Cable Sleeve with Zipper
Cable Sleeve with Zipper
Cable Sleeve with Zipper


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Cable Sleeve with Zipper

Cable Management System for Your Home or Office


Don't let messy cables ruin your entertainment centre, just wrap, zip-up and say goodbye to clutter. Made of premium quality Polyester, our cable sleeve is suitable for all cable bundling solutions in your home or office. With a zipper closure, you can just wrap the sleeve around the cords and zip it up. This cable management sleeve could bear wear and tear without being damaged, both reusable and durable. They can protect your cords from foot traffic & chewing pets.

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  • Cable Organizer & Hider: keep cables concealed and protect cables from the wear and tear
  • Zip-Up Design: ensures pain-free access and exit to your cables at anytime
  • Weighted Base with Iron Block: offers extra stability
  • Easy Setup: tools-free assembly in minutes, no expert installation required

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Cable Sleeve/Cable Sock

CC10-3 Cable Sleeve With Zipper