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Desktop Organizer with Wireless Charging

Reclaim Desk Space with Improved Productivity


DA04-2 Desktop Organizer is designed to optimize the workspace with a compact storage design. A bookshelf is available for files and notebooks, and a pull-out drawer for small accessories and often used items. The included Qi compatible wireless charger provides convenient power for charging devices.

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  • Storage Drawer: meet the various storage demands of supplies while keeping a clean look
  • QI Wireless Charger: compatible with all Qi-enabled phones and more
  • Soft Grip Handle: easy to carry
  • Standalone Bookend organizes books, magazines, and catalogs effctively.
  • Standalone Bookend organizes books, magazines, and catalogs effectively.

Product Category:

Desktop Storage

Surface Finish:

Powder Coating


Matte White

DA04/05 Series-Workspace Organizer Kits

Workspace Organizer Kits-DA0405 Series