Escape Clutter with Cable Management


Whether people are trying to reorganize the working and living setup or declutter the cords behind the entertainment center, they may want to consider cable organizers—small yet impactful products that’ll prevent the users from having to rummage through a tangled mess of cords ever again. Cable management indeed is worthy of paying more attention to and will turn out to be a wise investment for the customer and the smart reseller that moves into this product area.

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Market Overview

As the research shows, the Cable Management Market was valued at USD 12.06 billion in 2020, and it is estimated to be worth USD 21.13 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of approximately 10.76% during the forecast period (2021-2026). The end-users of cable management include professional industry users like IT and manufacturing, and home or office users. The global pandemic has resulted in various supply chain challenges for manufacturers across the world and had a similar impact on the cable management market. But there are still several sectors that will boost the development of the cable management market.


First of all, the explosive growth of the information technology sector increased reliance of institutions and businesses on high-performance data and communication cabling, and more devices at home also come with more cables. What’s more, the sense of safety has influenced both legislation and lifestyle. For instance, increased food safety and other legislations implemented by various regulatory bodies, globally, such as Health Canada, CFIA, and Environment Canada are driving the adoption of cable management solutions across the food and beverage industry.


Why do people need cable management?

Getting rid of mess and clutter is one of the important reasons for customers to choose cable management products that efficiently untwist and unravel a mess of wires. Organize cables to regain more space under a desk when working or playing games in front of the computer desk. Tuck the power strip and cables into the cable management box to provide a cleaner look.

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However, wire and cable management products not only can organize but also protect electrical wire, network cable, and power cable to prevent some hazards. Especially for homes with babies and little pets, cables and wires could be dangerous. Cable management helps prevent babies from touching them and dissuades furry friends from chewing on wires by removing the temptation by hiding wiring from sight.

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Different types of cable management

Cable management is a small niche market but has various types of products to meet different usage scenarios. To create a clutter-free and safe space for both working and living, it is worth learning about how to choose different types of cable management products.


Cable Clips

This is the most convenient and affordable entry-level cable management product. It is easy to install a cable clip on any smooth surface. It is usually used to briefly hold one or two cables. Commonly, cable clips can be installed by screws or directly stick to a suitable place. Sollent now has CC-18, an under-desk cable clip with a simple design, and cable management kits like CC17-4 including several types of clips, all in one to meet a variety of cable management needs.

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Cable Covers

Messy cables all over the room can be solved with cable covers that conceal these eyesores resulting in a messy house looking neat! Cable covers are used to organize and hide HDMI cables, USB/AUX cables, and other wires on the wall or on the floor especially for mounted TVs to protect cables and fit house décor. This is a relatively professional type of cable management. Sollent has a variety of plastic and aluminum cables covers and cover joints with flexible lids that provide easy access for quick maintenance. Using cable covers for wiring along baseboards, floors and carpeting results in a perfect look – route the wire, slide the cover and cable is now safe from harm and out of sight.

cable cover

Cable Sleeves/Socks

Cable sleeves/socks just work like sleeves and socks to wrap up cables and protect them. Tangled and disorganized cables can drive people crazy and even cause a safety hazard from trips and pulls. Cable protective sleeves/socks can organize cords and cables together with full protection behind desks, entertainment centers, or anywhere wire and cable exist. Sollent has plenty of cable sleeves/socks solutions such as CC15-1 and HC-20.

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Cable Management Kits

One cable management can satisfy various cable management needs. Cable clips, cable sleeves, and cable ties are all economical, easy to use and can be widely used in both home and office.


Cable Tray Organizers

This is an under-desk product for desks without enough cable storage and organization space. It is installed under the desk and provides storage room for cables, power strips and surge protector devices used with an electric sit-stand desk.

cable tray

Power Strip Holders

Under-desk power strips can be placed within easy to reach with a clamp-on holder. No more crawling under desks to find the outlets or the missing cords. Power strip holders make plugging and unplugging power cords and devices quick and easy above the desktop.

power strip holder

Cable Management Boxes 

An economical and functional all-in-one cable management storage solution that helps organize and hide wires, power strips, adaptors, routers, and more is the cable management box. Limited access reduces tripping hazards while protecting items from water and dust. Some cable management boxes include a vented design that improves air flow and increases ventilation to dissipate heat. Sollent just provides such helpers as 0303PLM17 which is wall-mounted to save more space.

cable management box 

Modesty Panels with Wire Management

Adding a level of privacy and increasing comfort of work areas, under-desk cable management panels will complement most office environments. A proper management system ensures enough room for routing and setting cables. Easy installation allows the user to instantly enjoy a high-quality workspace.

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