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Smart Portable Storage Solution for Easy De-cluttering


One of the real challenges when organizing a room is trying to find enough storage space for everything. Whether we're talking about cleaning products, kitchen gadgets or office supplies, sometimes there never seems to be enough space.

But we don't need to live in a world where things are piling up. You'd be surprised how much extra storage space you can get from various parts of a home with just a few products. From magnetic fitted wall organizers to bath organizers, Sollent has a wide range of solutions to help your customers better organize living space - and a great way to expand your product line.

Mobile Treasure Chest

Utility Carts

Utility carts are a wonderful option for organizing and providing a practical and versatile storage solution for any room in the home. It can also be used to organize a variety of lightweight household items in the most used areas such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, craft rooms or nurseries. It can even double as a bedside table, dressing table or an efficient use of wardrobe space. Neatly store anything from clothing, accessories and towels to craft supplies, health and beauty items, toys and more. The design has a modern aesthetic and stylish silhouette, making items clearly identifiable and easily accessible from all sides. An added plus, they can be moved from room to room easily!

With great market potential and excellent sales prospects, the Utility Trolley is the perfect choice for resellers looking to source storage products.

Effortless Miscellaneous Storage

Shelves & Storage Racks

Whether in the living room, kitchen, garage or office, Sollent's Shelves & Storage Racks
are the ideal solution for optimising space and keeping things organised thanks to their attractive minimalist appearance and robust, heavy-duty construction. These shelves and storage racks also have many thoughtful details, such as beams that prevent items from tipping or falling over. Non-slip silicone mats provide stability and protect the floor from wear and scuffs.

Above all, Sollent's shelves and storage racks combine cost-effectiveness with high quality and are sure to put a smile on your customer's face and are universally attractive bestsellers!

Shelves & Storage Racks

Magnetic Organizers

These magnetic side mounted shelf units can be mounted on the side of a fridge, washing machine or any other steel surface. Ideal for maximising space in the kitchen, bathroom or any other area that benefits from extra organisation, while saving space and keeping the worktop well organised and tidy.

Easy to assemble, high capacity and comes with a wide range of organisation options, offering great sales potential. It is the perfect assistant to help organise frequently used items within easy reach.

Create a Well-Organised Kitchen

Dish Racks

The Sollent dish rack is rust-free and sturdy enough to hold a variety of kitchen utensils, keeping plates, bowls, cutlery, and glasses in one place. Includes drainboard with an outlet to collect and remove water and keep kitchen countertops dry. The dish rack is available in a variety of formats, each with its own advantages. The folding design saves space by being easy to store when not in use. The wall-mounted design optimizes tabletop space while creating an additional storage area on the wall.

Keep your customers' kitchens tidy and organized with these practical and affordable products!

Say Goodbye to Wet Floors

Umbrella Storage

No space for umbrellas? Umbrella holders are essential for keeping floors dry in the rain and for storing umbrellas in sunny weather. A small umbrella holder can improve the tidiness of a room in a very detailed way. No more wet floors and umbrellas lying around with no place to put them! The Sollent umbrella stand's modern, minimalist look is always popular and complements most home styles, with a handy tray for collecting and drying drips. It can be used in the garden, entrance hall, garage, office and more. They don't take up much space, just a corner. Of course, they can also be used as a universal storage shelf at the same time.

For those looking to source unique and practical storage items that no one else has, resellers with an eye for detail should not miss the umbrella stand and the niche opportunity they represent to build sales.

Keep Everything Within Arm’s Reach

End Tables

Perhaps the most versatile type of table is the small side table, particularly the round side table, which fits well into most rooms in the home and pleases most people. The round surface not only offers a playful and symmetrical shape to any room, but also claims to be a space-saving option. Perfect as a bedside table, sofa companion or even a patio stand. For almost any item, used often or rarely, keeps everything within reach!

In addition, the compact and easy-to-install nature of the Sollent side table makes it ideal for reducing shipping and storage costs, making them great products for e-commerce sellers.

For a Blissful Washing

Bathtub Trays & Laundry Hampers

Even the smallest things can make a big difference, and this is especially true when it comes to enhancing the bathing experience and dealing with bathroom clutter. with its compact and beautiful appearance and practical design, Bathtub Trays & Laundry Hampers from Sollent help keep bathroom clutter and other essentials neatly and beautifully organized, making bathing and laundry time efficient and comfortable, even on busy mornings or tiring late nights! Bathtub Trays & Laundry Hampers from Sollent represent great market potential, especially at a time when quality of life and making efficient use of time is so important.

In addition to home living accessories and products, Sollent manufactures cable management, desk and wall organizers and other storage solutions. We also provide our customers with additional support including professional marketing collateral and after-sales services including comprehensive branding and logistics assistance.

If you've been looking for innovative products at the most competitive prices, you just found Sollent! Visit our Storage & Organization products on sollent.cn today! Contact us at info@sollent.cn anytime for a quick reply on any requirements or questions you have!